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Credit Card Debt is common.

Connect for a free consultation. We'll help you determine the right solution to manage your creditors.

As licensed insolvency trustees, we can often help eliminate up to 75% of your credit card debt and set you up with a low payment, monthly program to get your credit card debt paid off for good!

We've helped hundreds of Calgarians pay off their credit card debt and we can help you too. Fill in the form and get the conversation rolling. We offer unbiased, non-judgemental advice on how to pay off your credit card debt and improve your credit score.

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Over $10,000 in Debt? Credit Card Debt? Garnished Wages?

The Fryzuk Group Can Help You Reduce Your Credit Card and Pay Off What is Remaining

Depending on your credit card debt, you may qualify for a consumer proposal. This is a Canadian debt forgiveness program that could eliminate a majority of your debt and settle debts for less than you owe.

Tired of receiving emails and calls from your creditors? The Fryzuk Group will help communicate a more favourable deal for you to your creditors so you don't need to deal with them.

Avoid the need to file for bankruptcy and save your credit rating while eliminating your credit card debt. Fill out the form to quickly apply and learn if you can be approved for our services.

Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Now


    Manage your Credit Card Debt in Calgary

    • Pay off your debts with a single, low monthly payment

    • Eliminate debts fast

    • Pay less each month and eliminate your debt

    • Avoid the need to file bankruptcy with a consumer proposal

    • Live debt free and recover from debt!


    To receive a FREE and confidential consultation about your credit card debt, and learn how quickly and affordably you could have debt relief, fill out the form.

    Get Out of Credit Card Debt now

    When you fill out our quick and secure form, you will be put in contact with our team of friendly, experienced, and professional

    Debt Solutions Managers and Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

    Unlike other debt solutions providers, when you reach out to The Fryzuk Group you are speaking directly to the team that will deal with your creditors, provide you with guidance on your debt situation, and ensure that you get out of debt as quickly and affordably as possible. No sales people, no third parties, just the certified professionals who will provide your debt help for you.

    At The Fryzuk Group, we help you recover from debt with a personalized plan, low monthly payments, and individual assistance to ensure you get out of debt quickly and easily. For the best debt relief, contact The Fryzuk Group now.

    You are not alone!
    If you have:

    • Unpaid monthly bills

    • Credit card debt

    • Lingering student loans

    • Growing medical expenses

    • Garnished wages

    • Unfiled income taxes

    • Debts to the CRA

    • Expensive rent, home, or auto loans

    • Lack of income from job loss

    Now is the time to contact The Fryzuk Group. Get out of debt today.

    Licensed Insolvency Trustee
    The Fryzuk Group

    We are familiar with your situation, compassionate about the problems you are facing, and willing to help you significantly reduce the amount you need to pay while getting out of debt quickly and easily. 

    Begin the path to debt free living today with a plan that you can afford.

    The Fryzuk group can help you reduce your amount owing, avoid bankruptcy, and have you back to saving your money instead of paying down debts on the day of your first appointment. Get the debt relief you need to recover from debt and live debt free.

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