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Bankruptcy in Alberta

Consumer, Business Bankruptcy Rates Rise in 2019

Craig Fryzuk, President of The Fryzuk Group, was invited to sit down with CBC Calgary's Jenny Howe to discuss the rise in bankruptcies and Alberta consumer proposals for 2019. In the summative article written by Sarah Rieger, Craig Discusses the root causes of Albertan's debt, and the similar trends in what his clients are facing compared to previous years.

"People are still coming in … and they've got the exact same problems they did five, seven, eight years ago."

Craig also discusses the popularity of Alberta consumer proposals vs. Alberta bankruptcies, and points out that the amount of debt Albertans are carrying is not likely to go down. The one positive, Craig noted, was that individuals were relieved when meeting with him to finally understand how much they owe and how to tackle the problem of un-payable debts.

To learn more about the rise in bankruptcy rates in Alberta, the causes of Alberta bankruptcy, and solutions for eliminating debt, read the full article on the CBC Website. If you are amongst the Calgarians struggling with rising debts, or would like to get a better picture of the true amount you owe to your creditors, contact The Fryzuk Group today to receive guidance from your local Licensed Insolvency Trustee.