Craig Fryzuk

Strathmore feels very much like the small towns that many of us at The Fryzuk Group came from. It is our pleasure to help out good folks that have fallen on tough times. So, if you live in Strathmore and need debt help now, call The Fryzuk Group today! Because of Covid-19, we can conduct most of our meetings over the phone from the comfort of your home.

Debt is a problem that is shared by millions of Canadians. While some people who are in debt have their debts under control, others feel lost. Student loans, mortgages, credit card debt, and so much more; make it extremely difficult for people to get by. We live in a world where money is very important and when you simply just do not have it, life can become extremely difficult.

People who come our way often have debts over 10 thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and need our help to get them back on their feet financially. Everyone has a unique situation, and we offer discrete, non-judgmental advice to everyone who has the courage to call us. Our goal is to not only give them the tools to get out of debt but the tools to stay out of it forever too.

One of the most beneficial ways that we can help you is by negotiating lump sum settlements for you. Debtors know the risks associated with debt, and that they could end up completely stuck if people reach the point of declaring bankruptcy. There is no reason for you to declare bankruptcy! We are here to teach you that and ensure you never get there too.

We can help deal with consumer proposals, bankruptcy help, income tax help, student loan settlement, payday loan debt, credit card assistance, small business debt, debt settlement, mortgage debt, and so much more. We have helped individuals and companies eliminate 100% of their debts through one of the debt relief options we assist with.

If you feel that it is time to take control of your life again and get back on track we would like to help you get there in the most efficient way possible. Call us today for a free consultation and learn how we have helped the people of Strathmore become debt free through our various debt relief programs.