Rebuild credit after you become debt-free.

Do you stress about never having a credit card again if you file a consumer proposal? Many people think it’s impossible to rebuild their credit score, or that they’ll have “bad credit” forever.

Finding Stability in Retirement: A Turn-Around Story

Money management. Budgeting. Debt. These concepts weren’t covered for most of us in grade school.  Instead, we were left to learn about them the hard way.  We took out a loan, got a mortgage, and overspent on our credit cards without much concern.  Then all of a sudden, we were left wondering… How do I owe this much money?  Is …

man taking a phone call from a debt collector

Debt Collectors Are Back, With Bite.

Debt collectors were told to take it easy during the pandemic. Most collectors left people alone (but not all, mind you). Banks across the country were advised to lighten the financial load on Canadians with suspended mortgage payments, loans, and credit card deferrals. In Canada, more than 771,000 mortgage deferrals were approved in 2020 alone. Now the collectors are back …